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Tracy Blackwell: A Smart Poker Player

When it is the game of poker it is very necessary that you play the game not only for winning the cashes or amount.

The game of poker is full of strategy planning. The game that makes use of your talent and makes it a full fledge passion for your entire life. Tracky is the player who has great statistics in the game of poker. She is a player who has titles in many matches and makes him the best poker player in very less time.

Matches played in the poker tournament

Track record of World Series of poker tournament. She has won the $23,876 winnings amount in the game of poker. She is a player that has played for long time in this tournaments. She has 1 bracelet in the game of poker at the international poker game what makes him the best poker player in all the matches of poker game. She is a player who has not played or won any title in the European poker tournament. She is a player who even likes to share the experience of each game with his friends after each match. Continue Reading


Dominik Nitsche is an accomplished poker player

Poker is overly interesting when played at the top global tournaments where professional players with enviable skills lock horns hailing from different countries. There are players who venture in the casino and do not leave it devoid of accumulating a substantial amount.

One such player who has left a permanent international mark is Dominik Nitsche; he is a Scottish resident but was born in Germany. Unlike those players who specialize in conventional poker, you can share a platform with him as he is equally active in online casinos where he has performed excellently.

His resume encompasses a series of wins and earnings that catapult him to the top in the list of global top-notch events. Continue Reading