Unibet Event In Bucharest

If it is a coincidence or not that Unibet is hosting a Main Event at a Bucharest poker room event?

Bucharest would be having a poker event from December 1st to 4th and that is where Unibet would be hosting the main event that promises to be the largest one in history. The Main Event would be an open one and would work from first to 4th of December. This is definitely a record run in history. The event started in 2007 and from then Unibet Open has been a poker festival that is an event that most poker players do not want to miss. The series would be closing out the 2016 year from November 30th all the way to December 4th. It promises to be one of the best and biggest events in Unibet’s history. It is being planned to be held in Bucharest in Romania for the first time.

The poker festival would kick off with the event called €220 NLH – Six Max. This event has a starting stack of 20,000 and there would be blinds that increase in intervals of 20 minutes. Players have their eyes on the four day event known as Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event of €1,100. There would be a guaranteed prize pool of money worth €500,000 waiting to be won. The schedule of the event has been released and players can choose to participate in the different events by signing up through the website. There is much news to be had about Unibet lately. Not only is the Main Event in Bucharest in the news, but also the fact that Unibet 2.0 Poker software is being launched around the same time. This software also promises exciting games to play online for those who cannot make it to the poker event. They can play different games with the new and improved version and even play on their mobile on the go.