Who Try To Trap Chris Moneymaker?

In New Jersey, the hand of this week comes from a $1,000 buy-in event. Like in the hand played last week, I pick up pocket queens, and this time I find myself up against a couple of opponents, and one of them was a familiar one — Chris Moneymaker.

My experience playing with Chris was great, during the game; he showed he can splash around sometimes. However, if he thinks his opponent is a tight player, he can make few really big folds. He is a very good and an exploitative player.

At the time this had happened, I had been playing really tight and gone through a dry stretch of hands. I was having a stack of about 11,000. While with a 50 ante, the blinds were 150/300 and the table was five-handed. With nearly 20,000 to begin the hand, Chris opened in 800 from under the gun. To act in the cutoff, I gazed down at .

While three-betting with queens will obviously be great here, this time I chose just to call, assuming both that Chris may fold to a three-bet and by calling I might induce the second opponents to squeeze. Thus, I called, and the small blind re-raised to 3,200. Meanwhile, the big blind folded. Also, Chris got out of the way.

Contrasting Chris, the small blind who had been playing at the aggressive style was unknown to me previously. Now, I had a little nearly 10,000 behind, therefore, I realized that this is the spot where I needed to think about re-raising all in for sure.

To have a look at what happened next and how I trapped Chris, you can check the details of the whole match. The complete detail is available on the internet and you can also check the video of the whole game.