Woodbolt International receives Tournament prize

Practically precisely a year prior, the Texas Poker Store collaborated with Peter Madden of Madden’s Casual Gourmet to uphold the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction by assembling a poker competition prize bundle. On Tuesday night, September 24, 2013, TPS was at long last ready to convey the Poker Tournament Package prize.

CEO of the Woodbolt International, Doss Cunningham, won the competition of poker with a prize at Dimes Auction on March when he entered a sizable offer for the Live Auction of Signature Chefs on March of Dimes . The bundle he offer on was assembled by Peter Madden, manager and Executive Chef of Madden’s Casual Gourmet in downtown Bryan, Texas, and Jim Paris, possessor and Chief Dealer of the Texas Poker Store. The bundle, which pulled in some major offering movement, comprised of a Poker Tournament for 20 players and 20 visitors to be had at Madden’s Casual Gourmet. Around then, it was expected that the competition might occur soon thereafter.

Be that as it may, life got fantastically occupied for Cunningham, whose organization, Woodbolt International of Bryan, Texas, was developing quickly as well as attaining astounding victory as the producers of the top of the line Cellucor item line. Between that and the life commencement of his girl in March, Cunningham was unable to claim his prize as of recently. With minimal opportunity to extra, Cara Cook, Madden’s General Manager, reached the Texas Poker Store and Paris promptly hopped energetically. The event started with Cunningham telling his staff and visitors the criticalness of the night regarding the organization’s extraordinary triumph. He reminded them they were there to have a fabulous time, yet to recollect that that this was about the March of Dimes, which was beloved to his and his wife’s heart. Paris then published ‘Shuffle Up and Deal” and the competition started.